partipay is a fledging tech start up, so to celebrate our launch we are letting our members use the site for free. That means NO LIMIT on the number of pages or invitees per page. Yeah, baby!

For personal users we hope to keep partipay a free service forever. For businesses and organisations, we may need to start charging a modest fee in the future, but at the moment partipay is a complimentary service. 

To find out how things may work in the future for business users, please see below.

Currently all payments made via partipay are processed through PayPal. To find out more about how PayPal works with partipay please visit our Terms of Use (8. Fees and Payments).  

What will happen in the future?

You will have a choice of three parti packages depending on the number of pages you need to create and the number of people you need to invite.

If you’re not needing to create a whole lot of parti-pages it’s most likely you’ll be able to continue using partipay for free with a parti-person package.

For those who want to create more parti pages (for your business or organisation) you will be able to select from a parti–org 1 (suitable for sole traders, small business & busy socialites) or parti–org 2 (suitable for clubs, schools, association & businesses).

Rest assured when any changes comes into effect you will be notified via email and given an option to select the parti package that suits you.