About partipay

Do you have to collect money for groups of people? 

Trying to keep track of who’s paid what and chasing people up isn’t much fun, is it?

Well, now it is!

partipay is the new way to collect and track money for either your once-off or regular events, activities and gifts.

All parti activity centers around the parti page – your central point for information, communication, and tracking of payments. With automated reminders, notifications and social media sharing, tracking payments for your group has finally been made easy!

Chip-in for an engagement gift, organise a fundraiser for your social club, collect uniform fees for your sporting team or split the bills with your house mates. Take the hassle out of hosting a house party, funding your annual group holiday or paying for monthly dinner dates with friends. You're only limited by your imagination!

For groups large or small, partipay is the simplest way to track your money and keep everyone in the loop.

"partipay is for the people... so stick around and enjoy the parti!"

How the parti got started...

Hello there, and nice to meet you! 

My name is Pen Curtis and I am partipay’s Founding Director.

partipay started its life as the prize winning concept of the 2013 'Venture Dorm' lean start-up program run by Flinders Partners (the commercial arm of Flinders University in South Australia). Driven by a desire to work smarter & carve out a more fulfilling career, I joined the program and initially envisioned creating a group gift buying website.

At the end of the program consumer feedback was clear that “everyone needed a simple way to track and collect money from others - not to mention a nicer way to remind those who forget to pay!”

With a clear vision in mind, I partnered with my Venture Dorm mentor Miriam Castilla,  a wonderful woman who shares the same joy for creation and a love for  life. With a solid working relationship and respect for one another we embarked on the journey that developed this business.

As partipay grew so did our expertise as we welcomed two outstanding South Australian business men to the team Stuart Davis the Managing Director at VInet Solutions and Steven Russo the Audit Director at Kennedy & Co Chartered Accountants. 

With a love of easy-to-use technology, a respect for simple design, good business practices and a desire to help others, partipay was created

Inspired by today’s busy lifestyle and a desire to spend more time on the things that really matter, we've worked hard to make partipay packed full of helpful features.

Whether you’re a page organiser or an invitee, partipay provides you with a current record of what needs to be paid & when. It also sends out automated reminders for you, to help everyone stay on track.  That time you use to waste organsing and chasing people up, can now be used to enjoy the things you love the most!

partipay is for the people… so stick around and enjoy the parti!


Steve, Miriam, Pen & Stuart